Schema Compare for SQL Server - version 11

Compare the schemas of two SQL Server databases, review differences, generate synchronization script and execute it - xSQL Schema Compare makes database change management easy.

Schema compare supports SQL Server 2005 to 2019, Azure SQL database and it is available for FREE as a fully functional Lite Edition (see the "Editions" below for details).

For a list of the new and improved features included in the version 11 of the schema comparison, click here.


  • Fast, effortless, and safe SQL Server database schema compare and synchronization
  • SQL Server cross version schema comparison and synchronization
  • Highly customizable schema compare and synchronization sessions
  • Generate ready-to-deploy database change scripts
  • Standardized, version specific synchronization scripts
  • Transactional execution of the change script
  • Schema snapshots to preserve change history
  • Command line tool, including a wizard for creating and managing command line config files
  • A workspace that stores database settings, comparison sessions, with support for one-click compare
  • Compare on-premise SQL Server 2005-2019 and Azure SQL Database


xSQL Schema Compare for SQL Server runs on Windows operating systems that have the .NET framework 4.6 or higher installed.

Version Information

    Major Version
  • Version Number: 11.0
  • Release Date: December 02, 2019
    Current Version
  • Version Number:
  • Release Date: April 23, 2020


Robust Comparison Engine - carefully designed and extensively tested, the core schema comparison and synchronization engine is efficient, easily configurable, and scalable. Built on top of it, the schema comparison supports on-premise SQL Server from 2005 to 2019 and Azure SQL Database.

Efficient GUI - the graphical user interface of the xSQL Schema Compare for SQL Server has been designed for speed - a context sensitive ribbon, action panels with clear descriptions and context sensitive menus provide multiple, intuitive, quick and easy paths for completing the database schema comparison and synchronization tasks in the minimum amount of time possible. The comparison results are displayed in a well organized manner on a highly customizable window making it very easy to see where the differences are and what it would take to push database schema changes from one database to the other.

One-click re-compare - xSQL Schema Compare for SQL Server maintains a comparison session history. A session is a persisted environment that contains all the data related to a comparison operation including databases and the respective credentials, comparison options, scripting options, execution options, included or excluded object types, included or excluded infividual objects and many more. It allows the end-user to repeat a database schema comparison with a single click. Application options control the way sessions are sorted and the max number of sessions that are persisted.

Customizable comparison sessions - comparing database objects is not simple, the answer to the question "is object1 equal to object2?" is not a clear cut yes or no, it depends. For example, two tables maybe be considered equal if we ignore the column collation but not equal if we consider collation, two stored procedures may be considered equal if we ignore character case but may be different if we consider the character case, two indexes may be considered equal if we ignore the fill factor but maybe different when we consider the fill factor etc. xSQL Schema Compare for SQL Server exposes over one hundred comparison options that give the user complete control over the comparison engine.

Cross version comparison and synchronization - you can perform a schema compare operation between SQL Azure v11/v12 databases and all on-premise SQL Server databases; the engine will compare the objects that are relevant for both sides of the comparison. The generated synchronization scripts are version specific – for example, if moving changes from a SQL Server 2012 database to a SQL Server 2014 database the synch script will be a SQL Server 2014 compliant script and vice versa.

Safe, standardized scripts - the database change script, that is generated based on the results of the schema compare, is wrapped into one big transaction to ensure that the database schema changes will either happen in their entirety or not happen at all. For every object that is affected by the change the scripts are organized in clearly defined sections, the set settings are properly initialized and the errors are logged and handled.

Schema snapshots - allow you to not only maintain a history (audit trail) of the schema changes, but they also provide a very efficient and safe way for reversing schema changes when necessary. Simply compare the database in question with the snapshot of itself, taken right before the changes were made and generate the script for reversing changes.

Unattended comparison and synchronization - the included command line utility allows the users to schedule schema compare and synchronization operations via the Windows Task Scheduler, SQL Server scheduler etc. A step-by-step wizard helps to create and manage the config files used by the command line, hiding their complexity and generating consistent, always up-to-date xml files.

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