The new Schema Compare SDK version 11 is now available.

Full SQL Server support

Whether you're comparing SQL Server databases on-premise or on the cloud, Schema Comparison SDK has you covered, supporting SQL Server from 2005 through 2019 and the latest Azure SQL Database. The comparison engine generates a change script tailored for the target database, compliant with the target database version, edition and the compatibility level.

More than just comparison

While comparison is the primary purpose of the SDK, there is a lot more you can do with it. You can script pretty much every database objects, benefiting from more than 100 scripting options, you can take a snapshot of the database schema for archiving or offline comparison and much more.

Fast, with a small footprint

Fast, responsive, capable of handing small and large databases efficiently, these are just some of the features of the Schema Comparison SDK. Our dependency algorithm analyzes, processes and arranges the bits and pieces that make up the synchronization script almost instantly. Most importantly however, unlike similar API, Schema Comparison SDK comes in a compact setup, with just a few dlls and with no external dependencies, other than the .NET framework.

Royalty-free runtime libraries

It is hard to find frameworks today that provide royalty-free distributions. Often, to avoid financial penalties, you have to read the fine print of some license agreement document. Our Schema Comparison SDK comes with runtime libraries that are and will always be royalty-free.
SQL Server Gold Subscription
Gold Subscription contains these tools:
  • Schema Compare SDK for SQL Server
  • Schema and Data Compare for SQL Server
  • Builder for SQL Server
  • Script Executor for SQL Server, DB2, MySQL
  • RSS Reporter for SQL Server
  • Access to all patches and major releases
  • Priority support via email
Schema Compare SDK Only
Perpetual, Lifetime License
  • Contains Schema Compare SDK
  • Latest releases available with a maintenance plan
  • Standard support via email

Top Features

Intuitive object model

A well thought out object model designed with the developers in mind, shortens the learning curve and makes the integration of the schema comparison functionalities into your own applications easy and straight forward.

Fast, with a small footprint

We designed the schema comparison engine to be fast and efficient. You will be impressed by what Schema Compare SDK can do with minimum amount of computing and storage resources. One of the key components of the Schema Compare SDK is our proprietary dependency algorithm; a great amount of experience and thinking has been materialized in the way SDK discovers and uses dependencies.

Tested extensively

We put every release of Schema Compare SDK through the paces in our own test lab - hundreds of scenarios and literally thousands of tests. If something goes wrong, you as a developer have access to detailed error information and log files.

Cross version support

You can compare any version of SQL Server, on-premise and on the cloud, including the latest Azure SQL Database. The comparison engine will always honor the version and the compatibility level of the target database, including only objects, properties and features that are supported on both database.

Schema changes report

Version 11 of the Schema Compare SDK includes a report that contains schema changes for a given comparison session. This report, generated as an HTML file with embedded javascript, provides on overview of the differences between two databases. Built-in filters help you navigate large schemas, toggling various objects by type, by their comparison status, hiding the definition of procedures, views, functions and much more.

On-premise and Azure support

Schema Compare SDK supports all SQL Server versions, from 2005 through 2019, and the latest Azure SQL Database.

A wide array of comparison, scripting and execution options

More than 100 options give you total control over the schema comparison, scripting the schema changes and synchronizing databases.

Easy to deploy, with no dependencies on external libraries

While we are not condemning the practice of building applications that depend on external libraries (after all, our Schema Compare SDK is one such library) we believe that eliminating external dependencies gives our database Schema Compare SDK two main advantages: it makes it easier to install and run, and it eliminates the “it's this other parties piece that is not working correctly” excuse.

Technical Information


Version number:
Version date: February 05, 2021
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SQL Server Supported

Schema Compare SDK supports SQL Server from 2005 through 2019 and the latest Azure SQL Database.


Schema Compare SDK requires .NET framework 4.6 or higher installed.

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