What is the Sql Search?

Sql Search is a free tool that allows you to search the name, owner or SQL definition of the database objects, based on simple or complex search criteria.

You can create simple searches, containing just a few words, or complex ones, based on SQL Server expressions or regular expressions. A SQL Server expression combines multiple search terms with the traditional SQL operators: and, or, not, in etc. In addition to the database objects, you can search also SQL Server jobs, job steps and the statements executed by each step.

Sql Search includes a stand-alone UI and add-ins for different versions of SQL Server Manager Studio. You can create and remove the add-ins using the add-in manager included in the searcher.

Top Features

Supports on-premise and Azure SQL databases

Sql Search supports on-premise SQL Server from 2005 to 2016, and the latest Azure SQL databases.

Runs as a stand-alone or as an add-in

Sql Search can run on its own, as a stand-alone tool, or as an add-in for SQL Server Management Studio from 2008 through 2016. You create the add-in using the add-in manager included with the searcher. The Sql Search add-in will appear under the Tools menu of the SSMS.

Supports simple and complex searches

You can create simple or complex search terms. You can choose "like" or "exact" search criteria, SQL Server expressions, that combines multiple terms with the "and", "or" and other SQL operators, or search via regular expressions.

Searches multiple databases at once

You can search multiple databases at once, on-premise and on Azure.

Plenty of options

There are plenty of options you can use to fine-tune the search operations. You can exclude, for example, almost any database object from the search.

Searches objects and SQL Server jobs

In addition to the database objects, you can search also SQL Server jobs, including the steps and the statements executed on each step.

Saves the search results to files

You can save the search results to an xml or csv file.

Simple and intuitive interface.

Searcher is designed to be simple and easy to use. The add-in manager automatically detects all SSMS versions in your machine and installs the correct add-ins.

Technical Information


Version number:
Version date: May 09, 2017
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Sql Search requires .NET framework 4.0 or higher.

Database Supported

Sql Search support on-premise SQL Server from 2005 to 2016 and Azure Databases.

Software License Agreement

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