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What is Builder for SQL Server?

Builder is a tool that allows you to propagate schema changes from a central database to one or multiple target databases. Target databases might be disconnected from the central database, could be hosted on different version of SQL Server, on-premise or on the cloud.

The end product of the Builder is an executable package that contains, embedded in it, the schema changes of the source database. When you run the executable package, it compares the target database with a snapshot of the source database embedded in it, identifies schema differences and synchronizes them.

Builder is designed to be simple for users with little database experience. The executable package, generated by the Builder, is self-contained, with no external dependencies other than the .NET framework. All resources that Builder needs to synchronize the client database are embedded in this package.

Simple, ready to deploy

Designed to solve a specific problem, synchronizing target databases with one master copy, Builder performs this task with simplicity:
  • It provides a wizard-based interface that allows you to easily navigate through the whole process.
  • The end product that you ship to your user is just one executable package.
  • The executable package contains all the resources embedded in it, including our comparison libraries and a snapshot of the source database.

Plenty of options

You have plenty of options to choose from:
  • You have the option to create a target database that doesn't exist, including various methods to accomplish it.
  • You can run custom scripts, before or after a target database is synchronized.
  • You can log schema changes, operational messages or synchronization errors.
  • You can send email notifications based on the result of a synchronization: error, success or completion.


When the built-in options are not sufficient, Builder allows further customizations by providing the source c# code:
  • You can modify the c# code that synchronizes a target database. The source code, including samples for the most typical scenarios, is installed with the Builder.
  • Instead of using the Builder interface, you can automate the process by using the Builder Command Line.
  • You can override the executable package settings using the package parameters. You can add additional parameters via the Builder source code.

How does the Builder work?

Builder is designed to be simple and easy to use. You start with a wizard-based interface that allows you to complete the entire process step by step, such as:
  • The master database: This is the database whose schema will be pushed to the client databases.
  • Client databases: You can synchronize a client database that exists or needs to be created new. If you choose to create the database, you have the option to create a standard blank database, create it from a custom SQL script or from a SQL Server backup.
  • Custom scripts: These are optional T-SQL scripts that run before or after the synchronization.
  • Notifications: Builder can send you an email notification when it completes, succeeds or fails.
  • Logging: You specify the log files and the logging options.
At the end of the wizard, Builder generates an executable package, with all resources embedded in it. You send this package to your user to let them synchronize their databases with the master copy.
SQL Server Gold Subscription
1-Year / Per User
Gold Subscription includes:
  • Schema and Data Compare for SQL Server
  • Schema Compare SDK for SQL Server
  • Builder for SQL Server
  • Script Executor for SQL Server, DB2, MySQL
  • RSS Reporter for SQL Server
  • Access to all patches and major releases
  • Priority support via email
Builder Only
Perpetual License / Per User
  • Contains Builder for SQL Server
  • Standard support via email
  • Access to latest patches and major releases requires a maintenance plan

Technical Information


Version number:
Version date: September 30, 2022
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SQL Server Supported

Builder supports on-premise SQL Server from 2005 through 2022 and Azure Databases.


Builder for SQL Server requires .NET framework 4.6 or higher installed.

Online Help

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