Build script execution packages, with constrains and conditional branching.
Run them interactively, via the command line or deploy them as executable packages.

What is Script Executor?

Script Executor is a tool that allows you to build execution diagram containing SQL scripts. You can run them interactively in the UI, via the command line in batch files or generate executable package and send them to your users.

While simple enough to create packages with a few script in a matter of minutes, you build also complex execution logic containing hundreds or even thousands of scripts. You can place script files in containers, based on their characteristics, organize target databases in groups, and then map containers to these groups. Script executor supports also constrains, which, based on the result of an execution step, branch the execution flow as needed.

Script Executor supports SQL Server databases 2000 and higher, DB2 and MySQL databases.


Simple and yet flexible, the execution diagrams are at the core of the Script Executor design:
  • You can add scripts to your project individually or by patterns.
  • You can place SQL scripts in containers, based on their similarities.
  • You can place databases in groups. A script that targets a groups, will run against all databases in that group.
  • You can create many-to-many execution mappings between script containers and database groups.


There are plenty of options to accommodate any scenario you might have:
  • You can edit and save your scripts using the built-in script editor.
  • You can create execution constrains and branch the execution logic appropriately. Constrains, for a given step, are based on the result of the previous step.
  • You can view the data output, if any, returned by the scripts.
  • You can view a report of the execution results, indicating the status, execution time, and any errors that might have occurred.


There are different ways to execute the script packages:
  • Interactively via the Script Executor interface. You can view also the data returned by the scripts and the execution status report.
  • Via the command line, suitable for batch execution or running your scripts on schedule.
  • By generating executable packages and sending them to your users. The executable package contains the scripts and other resources embedded in it.
SQL Server Silver Subscription
1-Year / Per User
Silver Subscription includes:
  • Schema and Data Compare for SQL Server
  • Script Executor for SQL Server, DB2, MySQL
  • RSS Reporter for SQL Server
  • Access to all patches and major releases
  • Standard support via email
Script Executor Only
Perpetual Commercial License
  • Contains Script Executor for SQL Server, DB2, MySQL
  • Standard support via email
  • Access to latest patches and major releases requires a maintenance plan

Technical Information


Version number:
Version date: February 25, 2015
To view the change history, click here.


Script Executor requires the following components:
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 or higher
  • IBM DB2 connector for .NET in order to execute scripts against DB2 databases
  • SQL Server Compact 3.5 runtime in order to execute scripts against Sql Server Compact Edition. Note that this feature will be dropped in future releases

Database Supported

Script Executor support the following databases:
  • Microsoft SQL Server from 2000 up to the latest version
  • DB2 9.0 databases
  • MySQL 5.0/5.1 databases
  • SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5. Note that this feature will be dropped in future releases.

Online Help

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Software License Agreement

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