Schema Compare version 12, with the support for SQL Server 2022 and the latest Azure Databases, is now available. Click here to learn more about the new and updated features.

Simple and Intuitive

Compare and synchronize your databases in an instant

  • An intuitive user-interface, combined with a context-sensitive ribbon, provides easy access to all functions and operations.
  • A carefully-designed workspace stores all your data sources, credentials and other settings in one central place.
  • Comparison sessions, saved automatically in the workspace, allow you to rerun the most frequent comparisons with just one click.
  • Safe script execution allow you to either commit schema changes or roll them back entirely, never leaving the database partially updated.
  • Various logs and reports, such as the synchronization log and the differences report, allow you to view the schema changes before updating your databases.

On-Premise and Azure Support

Compare on-premise SQL Server and Azure Databases

  • You can compare SQL Server databases from 2005 through 2022, including Azure Databases, all in one interface.
  • Schema compare excludes automatically objects, properties or entire SQL Server features that not supported by the target database.
  • The synchronization script always honors the version/compatibility of the target database.
  • You can use the traditional SQL Server/Windows Authentication or the new Azure-based Authentication with your databases.
  • You can fine-tune the comparison using a wide array of options, grouped for simplicity into the comparison, scripting and execution categories.

Tools to Get the Job Done

GUI, Command Line, Database Snapshots and more, Schema Compare provides you with the tools you need to get the job done

  • Use the user-interface to compare your databases, take a snapshot of the database schema, generate a differences report and much more.
  • Use the command line to perform comparison and synchronization operations in batch files.
  • Use the command line wizard to create and modify the configuration files of the command line utility.
  • Use our proprietary database snapshot to make of a copy of your database schema at a specific point in time and use it, if necessary, to restore your database to that point.
  • Use Schema Compare SDK (sold separately) to integrate schema comparison into your own applications.

Licensing Options

Schema Compare can be purchased with a 1-year / per user subscription. You can choose between the Silver Subscription and the Gold Subscription. With a subscription you get additional tools and receive all patches and updates that are released during the time that subscription is active.

In addition to the subscription licenses, we can also provide temporary extensions, subscriptions longer than 1 year, volume licensing for large organizations, third-party sellers or virtual environments. Other licensing types may be available as well. Just send us a note at and we will do our best to help you.

If you are looking to renew or upgrade an existing license, sign in to your account, click on the "My Licenses" link at the top bar and check the licensing renewal options that are available to you.
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Technical Information


Version number:
Version date: September 30, 2022
To view the full change history, click here.

SQL Server Supported

Schema Compare supports SQL Server versions from 2005 through 2022, including Azure Databases.


Schema Compare runs on Windows operating systems and requires .NET framework 4.6 or higher. You must install also Azure Active Directory Authentication library in order to use the Azure Authentication feature. You can download this component from Microsoft at

Schema Compare Editions: Licenses, Trial and Lite

Let us state, in order to avoid confusion, that there is only one package that you need to install, not three of them. Edition is a state of Schema Compare, which, depending on the licensing and the environment, could be one of the following:
We also provide free upgrade to any major build that has been released within 1 month of your purchase (subject to change).

A few additional notes on the comparison tools

For our thoughts as to why you would need the comparison tools and, most importantly, why good tools can make a big difference in your day-to-day activities, please take a look at our database comparison tools overview page.

Online Help

Click here to view the Schema Compare online help.

Software License Agreement

Click here to view the Software License Agreement.