Welcome to xSQL Software

Founded in 2003, xSQL Software provides tools and frameworks for SQL Server and Oracle databases. With our products, you can compare and synchronize database schemas and content, package and deploy schema changes, generate database documentation, trace and log SQL Server events, automate script execution, create RSS feeds from SQL queries and much more.

Thousands of users, in companies like Microsoft, Siemens, NASA, KPMG, IBM, Halliburton, Adobe Systems, L-3 Communications, Bank of America, Lufthansa and many other large organizations, rely on our tools for their database development and administration.

Our main office is in Atlanta, Georgia. We have partners and offices in Austin, Texas and in Toronto, Canada. We have been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 2007.
Microsoft Certified Partner

Innovation and quality

Starting with a small group back in the days of SQL Server 2000, trying to streamline the process of moving schema changes from one environment to another, xSQL Software is much more mature these days. A lot has changed since the early days, but the principles that set us apart, that make us who we are have not: the simplicity of our tools, the meticulous testing, the attention to details and, last but not least, the best customer care, second to none.

We recently added a set of tools for comparing schema and data of Oracle databases. For anyone who uses our products, the Oracle toolset will feel very familiar. We built them with the same principle as the SQL Server tools: we handle the complicated and "boring" stuff so that you can focus on things that matter to you. We believe they will be valuable to you, so give them a try and let us know what you think.

Respect for our users, your success matters to us

We realize that we are not the biggest player in the world of database tools, which makes it hard sometimes to compete with companies that outspend us significantly. We do, however, have some big advantages: our gifted developers, our focus, our experience and, most importantly, our users.

We like to thank you for trusting us, for making our tools better with your suggestions and your honest opinions. If you wish to contact us, you can reach us by email, phone, or simply via the contact page in this website. Send us your wish list, your comments, any suggestion that will make your database tasks easier, we will greatly appreciate it.