New Schema Compare for Oracle Databases

Schema Compare for Oracle Databases is a tool, added to our Oracle toolset, that allows you to compare objects in Oracle schemas. With over 100 options, for fine-tuning its operations, a proprietary snapshot for offline schema comparison, an extensive logging and advanced, version-specific, scripting functionalities, it is designed specifically to handle the complexity of Oracle schemas. A simple user-interface, with automatic session management, allows you to re-run the comparisons you care the most with just one click. The built-in command line utility can be used for unattended comparisons, while a step-by-step wizard allows you to manage command line configurations, easily and efficiently.

Schema compare supports Oracle databases from 10g up to 19c. It is fully functional, with no restrictions, for a trial period of three weeks.


  • Compare from simple to the most complex Oracle schemas
  • Over 100 options for fine tuning the comparison engine
  • Session management with support for one-click compare
  • Snapshot files for offline schema comparison
  • Safe, version-specific change script accompanied by a change log
  • Detailed reporting, including on-screen information and saved log files
  • A command line utility for unattended, batch comparison
  • A wizard for managing the command line configuration files


Schema Compare for Oracle runs on Windows operating systems, client and server, that have the .NET framework 4.6 or higher installed.

Version Information

    Major Version
  • Version Number: 5.0
  • Release Date: August 01, 2019
    Current Version
  • Version Number:
  • Release Date: August 01, 2019


User Interface - the user interface, the same one used also by our comparison tools, has been designed for speed and simplicity - a context sensitive ribbon, action panels with clear descriptions and context sensitive menus provide quick and easy paths for completing various tasks in the minimum amount of time. The comparison results are displayed in a well organized manner on a highly customizable window, making it very easy to see what the differences are between Oracle objects.

Comparison framework - designed specifically for Oracle and tested extensively, the core comparison engine is efficient, easily configurable, and scalable. A robust Oracle comparison module, built on top of it, supports the majority of Oracle objects and all Oracle versions, up to Oracle 19c.

Schema snapshot - allows you to not only maintain a history (audit trail) of the schema changes, but they also provides an efficient and safe way for reversing schema changes when necessary. Simply compare the schema to a snapshot of itself, taken right before the changes were made, and generate the script for reversing changes.

One-click compare - schema compare keeps a full history of the comparison sessions, including the Oracle schemas, their credentials, comparison options, excluded objects, schema filters and many more. By doing this, it allows you to repeat a comparison with a single click. You can change the way sessions are managed via the schema compare application settings.

Safe, standardized scripts - the change script, generated by the comparison engine, includes warnings and a synchronization log that keeps track of changing objects. The version-aware operating principle of the scripting engine, ensures the change script contains only features supported by the target Oracle schema.

Oracle connections - a simple and consistent interface, allows schema compare to provide three types of connections: basic connection, easy-connect or connect descriptor. Built-in parameters control other connection settings, such as the timeouts, Oracle proprietary settings and a few more.

Command Line utility - the highly configurable command line allows you to perform unattended operations or schedule them via the Windows or other third-party schedulers. A compact xml configuration file provides the command line with all the comparison settings, thus requiring nothing else.

Command Line wizard - the wizard allows you to manage the command line config files via a simple, step-by-step interface. You can even create command line configurations from a UI comparison session, with just one click. The wizard hides the complexity of the command line configuration, creating at the same time consistent, optimized and always up-to-date xml config files.

Full control over the comparison - a comparison tool is not much without options to tailor its operations, even more so on a complex database such as Oracle. Schema compare exposes over 100 comparison options that control every scripting feature of the Oracle objects. Options are organized into categories, such as the comparison options, the scripting options, the execution options and the advanced options.

Error handling - systematic error handling aims at eliminating unexpected / unexplained results. Non-critical errors are registered, saved and reported, but do not interrupt any comparison operation in progress. Different types of logs, such as the error log and the execution log, help finding the errors and eleminating them.

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