Schema Compare for Oracle - Release History

August 01, 2019
  • Compares and synchronizes objects in Oracle schemas
  • Exposes over 100 options for fine-tuning the comparison operations
  • A storage and management of the comparison sessions allows for fast, one-click compare
  • Schema filters can exclude Oracle objects based on complex rules
  • Proprietary snapshots, that store Oracle schemas in files, allows for schema archiving or offline comparison
  • Extensive logging provides operational, execution or error details when needed
  • A target-specific synchronization script, combined with a synchronization log, captures all schema changes quickly and accurately
  • A command line utility allows for unattended or scheduled comparisons
  • A step-by-step wizard simplifies the management of the command line config files
  • Supports all Oracle versions, from 10g up to 19c
New Schema Compare for Oracle Databases added to the Oracle toolset