Schema and Data Comparison for SQL Server version 7 - New and Updated Features

This page contains information about the release 7 of xSQL Comparison Bundle for SQL Server. The main feature of this release is the added support for Microsoft Azure databases v11 and v12. To view release notes for other versions, click here.

Check the following topics for more detail:

Support for Microsoft Azure v11

Version 7 brings full support for Microsoft Azure v11. Platform differences between the cloud and on-premise databases are handled transparently. You will receive plenty of warnings to pay attention to only when it's needed.

Support for Microsoft Azure v12

Version 7 supports the latest Microsoft Azure v12. Since at the time of this release v12 was still in preview, we might include additional enhancements and updates for this version in the future release of the comparison bundle.

Changes in the user-interface

Bug Fixes


If you have a valid license and install version 7 of the comparison bundle, the support for Microsoft Azure databases will depend on your licensing options:


Installing version 7 will automatically remove the previous version of the comparison bundle, if you have it installed.