Schema and Data Comparison for SQL Server version 5 - New and Updated Features

Full support for SQL Server 2014, an improved workspace combined with new session options, filegroup mappings and options are some of the features included in the version 5 of xSQL Comparison Bundle for SQL Server. To view release notes for other versions, click here.

Check the following topics for more detail:

SQL 2014 Support

Version 5 adds full support for all SQL Server 2014 new and improved features, such as:

New comparison options

Schema Compare adds two new options:
Data Compare adds two new options:

New filegroup options

Version 5 of xSQL Schema Compare provides full support for database filegroups and filegroup data files. It also includes a new feature named "Filegroup Mappings". It allows you to perform complex comparison scenarios between database with a different filegroup structure.
There are plenty of options from which you can choose, such as:
You can access the new mapping functionally from the context menu of the comparison grid.

Changes in the workspace and session interface

The workspace has been improved to make it simpler, easier to navigate and more intuitive.

Other improvements and bug fixes

There are plenty more incremental improvements in the version 5 of xSQL Comparison Bundle: