Schema and Data Comparison for SQL Server version 10 - New and Updated Features

This page contains information about the new features, enhancements and fixes included in the version 10 of the Schema and Data Comparison for SQL Server. To view the release notes for other versions, click here.

New and updated features in this version are grouped into four categories:

Support for the SQL Server 2019

Version 10 of the comparison tools includes support for SQL Server 2019 and the latest features on Azure SQL Database. Some of the SQL Server 2017 enhancements will be added in a later patch.

New Workspace for Schema and Data Compare

The workspace is the component of the comparison tools that stores and manages SQL Server credentials, databases, comparison sessions and a few other settings. Version 10 brings a redesigned workspace, with a new and faster storage, fewer restrictions and some other enhancements:
In order to preserve the comparison history, the release 10 migrates the previous workspace to the new format automatically. It provides also two migration utilities, that could be used if the automatic migration is not sufficient or if the users prefer to run it manually.
migrate_data_wrk.exe: migrates the workspace of the data compare
migrate_schema_wrk: migrates the workspace of the schema compare
Both these utilities are located in the installation folder of the comparison bundle.

Changes in the command lines

The command lines, for schema and data compare, have been redesigned to improve performance and simplify the parameters. They’re faster and friendlier when it comes to error handling, notifications, logging etc. Version 10 includes also a few changes:

Other changed and improved features