New and updated features in xSQL Schema Compare SDK version 10

This document contains information about the new and updated features included in the version 10 of the xSQL Schema Comparison SDK. Version 10 includes support for SQL Server 2019 and the latest Microsoft Azure SQL Database. To view release notes for other versions, click here.

Features in this release are organized into the following categories:

Support for SQL Server 2019 and the latest Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Version 10 supports the new, on-premise, SQL Server 2019 and the latest Microsoft SQL Azure Database.

Changes in the entity filters

Staring with version 10, entity filters are used primary to exclude database objects. If you wish to include an object, which you can still do, the filter criteria should be "translated" to exclusionary rules that apply to other objects in the database.

To EXCLUDE, for example, the Employee table, you could use the following filter condition:
     EntityNameFilterCondition("Employee", EntityFilterConditionTypeEnum.EqualsTo, group)

To INCLUDE the Employee table, which is the same as excluding all but the Employee table, you could use the following filter condition:
     EntityNameFilterCondition("Employee", EntityFilterConditionTypeEnum.DifferentFrom, group)

Changes in the SDK assembly location

The SDK assemblies are now located in the folder: \Program Files (x86)\xSQL Software\Schema Compare SDK\Bin. You may need to update the assembly references in your project this one time only. Future releases of the SDK will keep the assembly location unchanged.

Other changes and bug fixes

  • The schema compare SDK, by default, now saves the log files in the temp folder of the current user, which usually is:


    A log file contains details related to errors that might have occurred during the database comparison. The previous log folder ProgramData\xSQL Software\SDK\xSQL Schema Compare SDK\Logs, created by the setup during the SDK installation, is no longer created and supported. You can change the log folder by settings the property: SqlPublicSettings.Instance.UserLogFolder.

  • Version 10 fixes an issue related to a database created from a snapshot stream. Previously, in some cases, the stream didn't initialize properly resulting in a null object.
  • The new SDK assemblies now appear in the Visual Studio Add Reference window.

Licensing and Support

When you install version 10 of the schema compare SDK, you may or may not get support for SQL Server 2019, depending on your licensing options:
  • If you have a Gold Subscription, SQL Server 2019 is supported by your subscription license.

  • If you have a perpetual license with an active support/maintenance plan, we will email you a new license. The new license, when activated, will add support for SQL Server 2019.

  • If you have a perpetual license and your support/maintenance has expired, version 10 of the SDK will not support SQL Server 2019 databases. SQL Server databases prior to 2019 will continue to work with no restrictions.