Oracle Data Compare released

October 6, 2011
For Immediate Release

Atlanta, GA – October 6, 2011 – xSQL Software, a premier provider of SQL Server tools, Oracle tools, and other database tools, announces the release of the much anticipated Oracle Data Compare, a utility for Oracle Database Administrators and developers that provides for comparing and synchronizing data in two Oracle databases (9i, 10g, 11g).

"Built on top of our robust, proven, proprietary Universal Data Comparison ™ platform the Oracle Data Compare is slated to become the tool of choice for Oracle Database Administrators and Oracle Developers across the World." said Naim Sula the CEO of xSQL Software. "Maximizing the time the user saves is the ultimate goal of such tools, and we are certain that our users will quickly find that beyond its modern appearance Oracle Data Compare excels on that."

    Oracle Data Compare includes the following features:
  • Cross version support: Oracle Data Compare supports Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g and can compare and synchronize data across those versions.
  • Proven platform: Oracle Data Compare is built on top of our proprietary Universal Data Comparison™ platform that has been in production on thousands of computers for over 5 years.
  • Modern GUI: intuitive, elegant, efficient, the graphical user interface reflects the latest standards in user interface design.
  • Support for tables and views: In addition of comparing tables Oracle Data Compare provides for comparing views as well, both regular views and materialized views.
  • Oracle Data Type support: both simple and complex data types are supported. Large-object fields (LOB) are properly scripted even when they reach or exceed Oracle inline restrictions for such fields.
  • Custom mapping feature: gives you total control on how the tables and views from both databases being compared are paired together.
  • Custom Comparison keys: Oracle Data Compare allows you to define your own custom comparison keys based on any combination of available fields. The comparison keys are used to pair the rows from both sides.
  • View differences: a flexible comparison results grid makes it easy and efficient to see the color coded data differences.
  • Safe synchronization scripts: Oracle Data Compare generates safe, transactional synchronization scripts that allow you to synchronize in either direction.
  • Robust Script Execution Engine: no script is too large for Oracle Data Compare - the proprietary script execution engine ensures that large scripts including scripts for LOB fields are executed successfully and efficiently.
  • Command Line Utility: for unattended Oracle database comparison and synchronization.

Oracle Data Compare supports Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g and is available immediately from xSQL Software's web site at

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