SQL Server Data Compare 4 released

July 6, 2011
For Immediate Release

Atlanta, GA – July 6, 2011 – xSQL Software, a premier provider of SQL Server tools, Oracle tools, and other database tools, announces the release of SQL Server Data Compare 4 the successor of xSQL Data Compare, a tool that is used by thousands of people all over the World.

SQL Server Data Compare allows the user to compare the data in two SQL Server databases, view the differences, automatically generate safe t-sql change script and finally, execute the scripts on the target database.

"Completely re-written on top of a new, much more robust and scalable comparison engine, SQL Server Data Compare 4 raises the bar in performance, functionality and efficiency." said Naim Sula the CEO of xSQL Software. "Coming 7 years after the release of the very first version of xSQL Data Compare, the new version 4 reflects a wealth of accumulated experience and a countless amount of comments and suggestions we have received from our users during those years. We are very happy with the result and proud of the product we are bringing to the market today"

    SQL Server Data Compare 4 introduces new features and improves on existing features of its predecessor. Here is what's new in this version:
  • New modern GUI: the graphical user interface has been completely reworked to reflect the latest standards in user interface design.
  • Workspace: an improved, simplified workspace that provides for a one click re-compare eliminating the hassle of repeatedly configuring comparison sessions.
  • Improved memory management: eliminates any database size limitations due to memory constraints. Custom built algorithms handle serialization of both data rows and script fragments as needed.
  • Error handling: non-critical errors are registered and reported but do not stop the data comparison operations.
  • Enhanced functionality: many new options have been added like the ability to compare views, ability to compare databases with different collations, variable transaction size etc.
  • Mapping Rules: allow the user to customize the way the database objects are paired together. Mapping rules include schema mapping, object name mapping and data type mapping.
  • Key validation: in addition of the data type compatibility the new SQL Server Data Compare provides for validating the uniqueness of the selected comparison key.
  • Improved Scripting: especially for binary fields and large text fields. The script for large fields is generated in fragments of a predefined size and sent to SQL Server one block at a time.

SQL Server Data Compare 4 supports Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2008R2 and is available immediately from xSQL Software's web site at http://www.xsql.com.

xSQL Software develops database tools and utilities for administrators and developers. xSQL Software is a subsidiary of Bright Minds Group, Inc. an Atlanta-Georgia based company. You can reach the company via e-mail at info@xsql.com and on the web at http://www.xsql.com.

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