xSQL Software Releases xSQL Data Compare v1.0

November 1, 2004
For Immediate Release

Atlanta, GA – November 1, 2004 – xSQL Software, a provider of SQL Server auxiliary tools and utilities, announces the release of xSQL Data Compare v1.0, a utility for SQL Server Database Administrators and developers that provides for Comparing and Synchronizing the content of whole SQL Server databases or just selected tables within those databases.

“After xSQL Object that helps data base administrators and developers compare and synchronize db schemas, a utility to compare and synchronize the data was a natural extension of our product line ” said Naim Sula the CEO of xSQL Software. “We are very confident that our customers will be equally impressed with the richness of features and the performance we have achieved with xSQL Data Compare as they were with what we were able to do with xSQL Object V1.5”

    Some of the features included in xSQL Data Compare version 1.0 are:
  • Choose to compare whole databases or select just some of the tables;
  • Drop/add constraints during the synchronization process so that data being updated does not get rejected by SQL Server;
  • Order tables in the synchronization scripts by FK-PK relationship to avoid data integrity violations. Unlike other tools that rely only on FK drop and add, xSQL DataCompare performs the synchronization by updating data objects in the right order;
  • You pick which unique constraint or index will be used as the key for the comparison;
  • Compare/synchronize selected rows only by applying a where clause on each of the tables in the comparison;
  • Perform large data read operations by using reads in block. Block size can be tuned as needed to achieve best performance;
  • Data differences are displayed in an easy to read, customizable, color coded grid;
  • A full action log as well as warnings related to special data conditions are generated along with the synchronization scripts;

xSQL Data Compare is built on the .NET platform and supports SQL Server 2000. It requires .NET Framework 1.1 or higher.

For a limited time, November 1, 2004 till November 30, 2004 anyone will be able to order a FREE, fully licensed copy of xSQL Data Compare v1.0, a $199 value, from xSQL Software's web site at www.xsql.com. A free, fully functional trial version of xSQL DataCompare is also available, and will continue to be available after this special promotional period, for download from the company website at www.xsql.com.

xSQL Software develops database tools and utilities for administrators and developers. xSQL Software is a subsidiary of Bright Minds Group, Inc. an Atlanta-Georgia based company. You can reach the company via e-mail at info@xsql.com and on the web at http://www.xsql.com.

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