xSQL Database Version Control Released

March 15, 2010
For Immediate Release

Atlanta, GA – March 15, 2010 – xSQL Software, a premier provider of database tools, announces the release of xSQL Database Version Control (xSQLVC), the first true version control utility for Microsoft SQL Server.

xSQLVC allows teams of software developers to automate the database change management process making it safe and efficient. A developer can work worry free on his local copy of the database, automatically documenting the changes he is making on it while also being able to see and pull down all the changes that the other team members may have published on the master copy of the database.

"Until now the best software development teams could do was to place the database change scripts under source control, following a painfully inefficient process" said Naim Sula the CEO of xSQL Software. "xSQLVC allows developers to focus on developing rather than waste their energy managing database changes."

xSQL Database Version Control introduces a new, innovative approach to accomplish a seemingly simple but contradictory goal: give the developer the flexibility he needs to make and test changes to the database while ensuring that all team members are in sync. Have them all make changes directly to the development database and you have taken away their flexibility; have them all work out of local copies of the database and they will be out of sync with each other before you turn your head. xSQLVC solves the contradiction by combining both approaches: developers work worry-free on their local copies while automatically synchronizing with all other members.

xSQL Database Version Control supports Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, and is available immediately from xSQL Software's web site at https://www.xsql.com.