xSQL Software Releases Command Line Utility for SQL Server Comparison and Synchronization

Apr 16, 2007
For Immediate Release

Atlanta, GA – Apr 16, 2007 – xSQL Software, a provider of SQL Server tools, Oracle tools and other database tools, announces the release of xSQL Command Line utility for comparing and synchronizing SQL Server database schema and data.

xSQL Command Line utility allows the developers and SQL Server DBAs to schedule database comparison and synchronization operations via Windows Task Scheduler, SQL Server Agent or other scheduling utilities, thus enabling them to automate the database change management process.

"We consider the release of the xSQL Command Line utility an important milestone" said Naim Sula the CEO of xSQL Software. "It fills the gap in our product line by addressing the needs of those developers and DBAs for whom our GUI products, xSQL Object and xSQL Data Compare do not provide enough flexibility whereas xSQL SDK while providing complete flexibility requires more effort than they are willing to put in the process."

Built on top of xSQL SDK a robust framework that has been extensively tested and is currently in use in many production environments, xSQL Command Line utility provides a simple and intuitive interface without sacrificing flexibility and user control.

xSQL Command Line utility is included with the Professional Edition of xSQL Object, xSQL Data Compare as well as with xSQL SDK but it can also be acquired separately. xSQL Command Line utility is available immediately from xSQL Software's web site at http://www.xsql.com.