xSQL Software Releases xSQL Object v1.5

September 1, 2004
For Immediate Release

Atlanta, GA – September 1, 2004 – xSQL Software, a provider of SQL Server auxiliary tools and utilities, announces the release of xSQL Object v1.5, a utility for SQL Server Database Administrators and developers that provides for Scripting, Comparing and Synchronizing SQL Server Objects.

“The outstanding reception of v1.0 of xSQL Object motivated us to work fast and hard to implement some of the great suggestions that we received from our user community, and bring this new version to the market” said Naim Sula the CEO of xSQL Software. “In addition of the new features and the improvements made on the user interface we have also greatly improved the performance and robustness of xSQL Object”

xSQL Object is built on the .NET platform and supports SQL Server 2000. It requires .NET Framework 1.1 or higher.

xSQL Object allows for comparing Servers, Databases across different servers, tables, views, stored procedures, user defined functions etc. Also, scripting of various SQL Server objects based on the hierarchy of dependencies, and synchronizing of such object is easy and straightforward.

xSQL Object v1.5 is immediately available for purchase from xSQL Software's web site at https://www.xsql.com. A free, fully functional trial version of xSQL Object is available for download from the company website at https://www.xsql.com.