Silver Subscription

Licensing Options

Silver subscription includes all xSQL software tools for comparing schema and data, packaging schema changes, and executing scripts against SQL Server databases.

The product may be licensed in one of the following options:
Introductory subscription license:
SN1M-1L1U Single-User, 1-Month License $49 Select
New license:
SN1Y-1L1U Single-User, 1-Year License $299 Select
SN1Y-1L5U Five-Users 1-Year License $849 Select
SN1Y-1LSL Unlimited-Users, 1-Year License $1,649 Select
*Subscription renewal or upgrade from a perpetual license:
SU1Y-1L1U Single-User, 1-Year License $199 Select
SU1Y-1L5U Five-Users, 1-Year License $699 Select
SU1Y-1LSL Unlimited-Users, 1-Year License $1,299 Select
*a previous license number is required.
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