Subscription vs. Perpetual License

Unlike a perpetual license which entitles you (the holder) to use a certain version of the software perpetually, a subscription entitles you (the holder) to use any version of the included software but only during the subscription period. If the subscription expires and you fail to renew it you will no longer be able to use the included tools in licensed mode.

Why Subscription

A subscription gives you access to multiple tools at a fraction of the price while also assuring that you will always have access to the latest version of the software and unlimited access to our support team at no additional cost. For example, if you purchased a perpetual license for the SQL Server Schema Compare in January and opted not to purchase the maintenance for it, you would not be eligible to receive the new version released let’s say in May with support for a new version of SQL Server, whereas, if you had purchased a subscription instead, you would automatically receive any new versions released during the subscription period.

Subscription Renewals

Before the subscription expires you will receive an email notification inviting you to renew your subscription. If you renew before the expiration date you are eligible for the reduced subscription renewal pricing. If you fail to renew the subscription before the expiration date and you wish to continue using the included tools you will have to purchase a new subscription.

Upgrading from a Perpetual License

If you have acquired in the past a perpetual license for any of the tools included in the subscription you are eligible to upgrade to the equivalent Subscription for the subscription renewal pricing. For example, if you have a five user xSQL Comparison Bundle License you can upgrade to a five user Subscription and pay the subscription renewal price instead of the new subscription price. Upgrading from a perpetual license to a Subscription does not invalidate your perpetual license however the perpetual license is only valid for the version of the software for which it was initially purchased.

Minor and Major Version Upgrades

During the subscription period you will be eligible to receive any and all minor and major version upgrades of the included tools.

New Products

During the subscription period you will be eligible to receive any new tools that we might decide to include in the subscription package that you have purchased.


You will be eligible for unlimited email support during the subscription period.

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