New Builder for SQL Server - Version 11

Builder is a tool that allows you to automate the deployment of database-based solutions. It generates executable packages, which contain all the information required to deploy a SQL Server database to the clients' environments, regardless of whether it is a first time deployment or an upgrade from a previous version.

xSQL Builder supports on-premise SQL Server from 2005 to 2019 and Azure SQL Database.

Version 11 is built on top of the latest release of the xSQL Schema Compare for SQL Server. For a list of the new and improved features included in the version 11 of the schema compare, click here.


  • Generate ready-to-deploy self-contained executables
  • Deploy safely to multiple client databases
  • Create target databases from backup files or scripts
  • Customize executable package using C# code templates
  • Execute pre or post synchronization T-SQL scripts
  • Extensive logging and e-mail notification


xSQL Builder requires .NET framework 4.6 or higher.

Version Information

    Major Version
  • Version Number: 11.0
  • Release Date: December 12, 2019
    Current Version
  • Version Number:
  • Release Date: December 12, 2019


Ready-to-deploy executable - a simple wizard based interface allows the user to make a few choices such as the master database, the deployment scenario, and then generate a self-contained executable that is ready for deployment. When the package is executed on the client, depending on the deployment scenario, it will either create the database on the client environment as a new database or if it exists it will synchronize it with the embedded master database (schema only without touching the data). Finally, it will execute any post synchronization scripts that may have been specified and send a notification to a designated, configurable, email address.

Deploy to multiple clients - the same executable package can be deployed to multiple clients. The destination database and credentials for each client can either be set on the xml configuration file included in the deployment package or can be passed as parameters to the executable at run-time.

Self-contained package - the user can choose to either embed the master database in the executable or leave it as an external resource - the later may make sense if you expect the master database to change after the executable package has been generated. Depending on the chosen deployment scenario, xSQL Builder will compress and embed a snapshot of the master database schema, or the complete backup of the database, or the T-SQL scripts.

Customizable C# code templates - xSQL Builder uses a set of template files to generate the executable package. The template files are C# classes that contain the compare and synchronize code that runs on the client machine. xSQL Builder ships with a VS.NET 2015 C# project that you can run or modify as needed.

Custom pre and post-synchronization scripts - xSQL Builder allows the user to specify a single file or a whole folder containing T-SQL Scripts as the script(s) that should be executed before the target database is synchronized to the master. The same way the user can specify a set of scripts that will be executed after the target database has been synchronized to the master.

Extensive logging - xSQL Builder maintains a detailed log of all the events and operations performed on the client’s environment during the execution of the deployment package. There are 3 log files that xSQL Builder generates – the operational log, the synchronization log and the error log.

Built in notification - xSQL Builder provides the option to notify a designated operator when the package execution status meets a certain criteria. The email notification relies on Microsoft .NET 4.0 framework and requires a SMTP server along with the necessary credentials. In case of failure the notification email will also contain the error log that allows the recipient to determine the cause of failure.

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Additional Information
  • xSQL Builder provides us with everything we need to automate our database processes. Thanks to this our database update process is now 6 times faster.
    Phil H.
    i2i Innovate to Integrate, UK
  • You guys are FAST! Fantastic support! I'm not even a customer yet!
    Matt N.
    Brandes Investment Partners & Co.
  • Thank you for great tools. They are really great. I recommend them to others as the best comparision tools I known.
    Alil A.