How can xSQL Builder help you?

For software publishers: your specialized software is a great hit on the "gadgets" industry. Both you and your 600 customers love the fact that your software uses SQL Server on the backend. Some of those customers have asked you to do some customizations to better meet their specific needs. You have a new version you have been working on for the last 12 months ready to deploy to your customers – but wait, you had to make a few changes to the database as well and you need to somehow make those changes to the 600 databases of your clients. Can you find a way to handle the database changes required as part of the installation package? How about just sending them a change script they can run to make those changes?

While you are trying to come up with a solution on the back of your mind you are also thinking:
  • our clients don't know much about SQL Server
  • they don't all have the same version of the database
  • we have made customizations for some of them and we can't overwrite those

So, what do you do? Well, the answer is simple: you download xSQL Builder. In just a few minutes you can generate a self-contained executable package that you can either incorporate in your solution deployment package or send to your customers as a stand alone application that they can simply execute in their environment. A few minutes and all your 600 clients will be taken care of – now that is efficiency!

For development teams and DBAs: after QA your application is routinely deployed to multiple locations. Deploying the database changes to all those locations is part of the time-consuming routine – for each "target" you schedule the upgrade during the low activity time (usually when most everybody else is asleep), you take a backup of the target database and then you start applying the change scripts keeping your fingers crossed that all will go well. Repeat that 30 times…what a pain! Wouldn't it be nice if you had a way to schedule a process that runs whenever you tell it to and if it completes successfully you simply get a notification that the upgrade is complete, whereas if it does not complete successfully it reverses everything the way it was and it tells you why the upgrade did not work. You don't have to dream anymore – xSQL Builder does just that, it allows you to generate a self-contained executable package that you can automatically deploy to all your locations – safely and efficiently - and no need to stay up while everyone else is asleep!

Click here to download xSQL Builder.