New xSQL Schema Compare SDK - version 10

Schema Compare SDK is a library that allows you to perform comparison and synchronization of SQL Server databases in your .NET applications.

Starting with the version 5, the schema comparison SDK comes with a vastly improved comparison engine, includes many new objects, options and improved features suggested by our user community.

xSQL Schema Compare SDK is compiled for .NET framework 4.0. It supports SQL Server 2005-2019 and the latest features on Microsoft Azure SQL Database..

For a list of the new and improved features included in the version 10, click here.


  • Intuitive, flexible and easy to use object model
  • Redesigned to be faster and more robust, with a smaller "footprint"
  • Rigorously tested with hundreds of test cases
  • A new proprietary dependency algorithm
  • Improved error handling and logging
  • Improved cross-version scripting
  • Supports on-premise SQL Server from 2005 to 2019 and Azure SQL Database
  • No dependencies on external libraries
  • A wide array of options, new and improved features
  • Built entirely on managed code


Schema Compare SDK requires Microsoft .NET framework 4.0.

Version Information

    Major Version
  • Version Number: 10.0
  • Release Date: September 23, 2019
    Current Version
  • Version Number:
  • Release Date: September 23, 2019


Intuitive object model - a well thought out object model designed with the developers in mind, makes the integration of the SQL Server database schema comparison and synchronization functionality into your own .NET application easy and straight forward.

Redesigned to be faster, more reliable, and with a smaller "footprint" - we redesigned the SQL Server database schema comparison engine to be faster and more efficient; you will be impressed by what Schema Compare SDK can do with minimum amount of computing and storage resources.

Rigorously tested - before releasing version 4 of the Schema Compare SDK for SQL Server, we put it through the paces in our own test lab - hundreds of scenarios were simulated and literally thousands of tests were run.

Fast and accurate dependency algorithm - one of the key components of the SQL Server database Schema Compare SDK is the new dependency graph and our proprietary dependency algorithm; a great amount of experience and thinking has been materialized in the way version 4 handles dependencies.

Improved error handling and logging - SQL Server database Schema Compare SDK provides off the box default behavior on any error event, however you as a developer have access to detailed error information, error handling and logging.

Cross-version support - you can compare any supported version of SQL Server databases; the database schema comparison engine will compare the objects that are relevant for both sides. The change script is version specific – when pushing changed from a SQL Server 2012 database to a SQL Server 2005 database for example, the change script is SQL Server 2005 compliant and vice versa.

No dependencies on external libraries (barring .NET Framework) - while we are not condemning the practice of building applications that depend on external libraries (after all, our SQL Server database Schema Compare SDK is one such library that we want you to include in your applications) we believe that eliminating external dependencies gives our database Schema Compare SDK two main advantages: it makes it easier for you to install and run, and; it eliminates the “it's this other parties piece that is not working correctly” excuse.

Full control over the comparison and synchronization - more than 100 comparison options give you total control over the SQL Server database schema comparison and synchronization.

Many new, redesigned and improved features - thanks to many specific suggestions and comments from our user community, version 4 of our SQL Server database Schema Compare SDK includes many new and improved features that will make your implementation easier. You will find the new scripting and execution options, for example, quite helpful.

Starting from:  $1,499
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