RSS Reporter - version 4

RSS Reporter is a tool that allows you to generate standard Atom or RSS feeds for:
  • SQL Server job execution history
  • SQL Server job definition
  • The output of any T-SQL query
  • Database size and space usage

RSS Reporter supports all versions of SQL Server from 2005 to 2014.


  • Standard and customizable Atom or RSS feeds
  • New admin web interface for managing user profiles
  • Summary feeds for an overall view of all jobs or databases
  • Feeds that contain the most-recent or the entire job execution history
  • Graphical display of the database size and allocated space
  • A wide range of fields for sorting and filtering the feed content
  • Parameter-based, web-friendly or custom url for all feeds
  • Completely redesigned web based interface for managing the feeds
  • Full support for all SQL Server versions from 2005 to 2014


RSS Reporter requires IIS 7.0 or higher and .NET framework 4.0 or higher

Version Information

    Major Version
  • Version Number: 4.0
  • Release Date: November 25, 2014
    Current Version
  • Version Number: 4.0
  • Release Date: November 25, 2014


Atom or RSS feeds - standard Atom or RSS feeds that can be consumed from any connected device provide one of the most convenient and efficient ways for monitoring SQL Server jobs as well as for getting simple reports out of SQL Server when you are on the go.

New web admin interface - provides a convenient way for the administrators to create or manage RSS Reporter users and the feeds associated with them.

Redesigned web user interface - allows users to generate predefined server and database level Atom and RSS feeds as well as feeds with the results of any SQL query.

Summary or detailed feeds - allow you to get a high level view of the SQL Server jobs as well drill down to see the details such as job definition, steps, history etc.

Improved query feeds - title templates, field labels, ability to set a url for a feed item and more.

Parameter-based, web-friendly or custom url - allow you to decide what the url of the feed will be.

New job definition feed - provides the full definition of the job, no need to fire-up SSMS just to see what the definition of the job is.

Fully customizable - all predefined job and database feeds are fully customizable, you can choose which fields to include/exclude from the field by modifying the web.config file.

Sorting or filtering fields - you can now chose to generate sorting and/or filtering fields that make it easy for end users to quickly get to the data they are seeking.

Support for all SQL Server versions from 2005 to 2014 - RSS Reporter supports SQL Server versions from 2005 to 2014 all editions.

Starting from:  $169
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Additional Information
  • This (RSS Reporter) is a very good mashup of traditional sql server management and leading-edge information access!
    Robert H.
    U.S. Xpress Enterprises
  • Hats off to you guys for creating some awesome tools...
    Glenn P.
    Armga Integrated Systems, Inc.
  • We love your products, completely!
    Catherine S.
    Digital Access