Documenter - Release History

version 5.0
January 04, 2017
  • Support for SQL Server 2014 and SQL Server 2016.
  • Support for SQL Azure
xSQL Documenter v5.0
version 4.8
January 13, 2014
  • Support for SQL Server 2012.
  • Improved diagrams with GraphViz
  • Dropped support for SVG diagrams
  • Added the ability to exclude synonyms and sequences in Oracle
  • Bug fixes
xSQL Documenter v4.8
version 4.5
February 12, 2012
  • Support for SSRS in SharePoint Integrated mode.
  • Support for drawing data model diagrams with GraphViz
  • Support for Informix 9
  • Support for fetching permissions objects in Oracle
  • Support for fetching dependencies between objects in different schemas in Oracle
  • Support for exclusion lists in SSRS (Microsoft Report Server)
  • Multiple bug fixes
xSQL Documenter v4.5
version 4.0
November 09, 2010
  • Support for Microsoft Integration Server 2005/2008, Teradata 13 and SQLite
  • Enhanced Extended Property Editor to support more platforms and support for comments on procedure parameters
  • A new "columns" section for table valued functions showd what columns they return (SQL Server only)
  • Deterministic, schema bound and inline properties for functions were added (SQL Server only)
  • Ability to suppress object dependencies on schemas (SQL Server only)
  • Ability to specify max number of threads in GUI (the equivalent of the command line switch /threads)
  • Support for replacing tabs with spaces in DDL
  • Scripting of users, logins, and roles for SQL Server
  • Support for connecting to Oracle using ODBC
  • More details in the foreign keys section for SQL Server
  • Specify sample rows from tables separately from sample rows for views since views can be very "expensive"
  • Ability to order sample rows
xSQL Documenter v4
version 3.0
January 24, 2010
  • Added support for Microsoft Report Server 2005/2008
  • Added support for Raima RDM Server
  • Support for SVG diagrams. Now the diagrams can be rendered in all browsers, such as Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer
  • Option to use short names in the documentation instead of the three part names
  • Each table and view column is now added to the CHM index
  • SQL Server only: support for an extended property filter. If you use a filter, only extended properties named in the filter will be fetched
  • Microsoft Analysis Server: support for excluding XMLA and MDX code for objects
xSQL Documenter v3
version 2.0
November 11, 2008
  • Added support for SQL Server 2008
  • Added support for Sybase SQL Anywhere 10.0 and up
  • Adds a "choose objects" page in the GUI where you can specify what object types you want to document.
  • Support for all DBMS platforms in the "exclude objects" GUI. Previously this GUI supported only SQL Server.
  • Support for arbitrary HTML in database comments
  • Analysis Server: support for XML comments in MDX scripts. This enables documentation of calculated members
  • Support for cross database and cross server dependencies (through linked servers)
  • Support for column dependencies (which columns of which table a stored procedure selects or updates
  • SQL Server: support for XML comments on objects that don't have their DDL stored on the server, such as tables
xSQL Documenter v2
version 1.0
March 04, 2008
  • Support for all major databases management systems including SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL etc.
  • HTML and compiled CHM output
  • Command Line interface
  • Ability to generate dependency and primary/foreign key graphs
  • Easy branding of the documentation
  • Ability to show DDL/XMLA code for all objects documented
  • Support for XML comments added to your stored procedures, UDFs etc.
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