Free Lite Edition - SQL Server Comparison Bundle contains SQL Server Schema Compare and SQL Server Data Compare for comparing and synchronizing SQL Server database schema and data.
The Comparison Bundle for Oracle Databased contains Schema Compare for Oracle Databased and Data Compare for Oracle Databases.
Schema Compare SDK is a class library that allows you to perform schema comparison and synchronization for SQL Server databases in your .NET or ASP.NET applications.
15 days trial - Generate self-contained executable packages that provide for automating the deployment of SQL Server databases.
Free for one SQL Server Express instance - Enhanced SQL Server Profiling - just the events you want, on the databases you want, on multiple servers from a single location
Free per personal use - A multi-platform utility that provides for execution of Sql scripts against one or mutiple target servers/databases. Supports SQL Server, MySql, DB2 and SQL Server Compact Edition.
15 days trial - RSS Reporter allows you to generate standard Atom or RSS feeds containing SQL Server job definition or execution history, the output of any T-SQL query, database size and allocated space.
Free trial - Generate comprehensive, easy to navigate, chm and/or html documentation for all your databases - SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL and more...
Free SQL search tool - A simple and intuitive tool that searches the database schema and SQL Server jobs. Supports all SQL Server versions and provides add-ins for SQL Server Management Studio.
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    Neil K.
    Mid-Hudson Regional Information Center
  • This (RSS Reporter) is a very good mashup of traditional sql server management and leading-edge information access!
    Robert H.
    U.S. Xpress Enterprises
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    Steve F.
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