Free Lite Edition - SQL Server Comparison Bundle contains SQL Server Schema Compare and SQL Server Data Compare for comparing and synchronizing SQL Server database schema and data.
21 days trial - Data Compare for Oracle compares and synchronizes the content of Oracle databases.
Free for one SQL Server Express instance - Enhanced SQL Server Profiling - just the events you want, on the databases you want, on multiple servers from a single location
Free trial - Generate comprehensive, easy to navigate, chm and/or html documentation for all your databases - SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL and more...
15 days trial - RSS Reporter allows you to generate standard Atom or RSS feeds containing SQL Server job definition or execution history, the output of any T-SQL query, database size and allocated space.
15 days trial - Generate self-contained executable packages that provide for automating the deployment of SQL Server databases.
Free per personal use - A multi-platform utility that provides for execution of Sql scripts against one or mutiple target servers/databases. Supports SQL Server, MySql, DB2 and SQL Server Compact Edition.
Schema Compare SDK is a class library that allows you to perform schema comparison and synchronization for SQL Server databases in your .NET or ASP.NET applications.
Free SQL search tool - A simple and intuitive tool that searches the database schema and SQL Server jobs. Supports all SQL Server versions and provides add-ins for SQL Server Management Studio.
  • You guys are FAST! Fantastic support! I'm not even a customer yet!
    Matt N.
    Brandes Investment Partners & Co.
  • ...The speed, ease of use and most importantly, the support when there's an issue, make this suite my product of choice...
    Brenton G.
    ASPGUY-Independent Consulting, TX
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    Han van der H.
    RIVM LTR Laboratory, The Netherlands
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    Annette W.
    Planimetron Inc.
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    Jim B.
    Sigdev Ltd., Scotland
  • These are great products and people should be aware of their potential. I have been using these tools for a long time and they have made my job a whole lot easier.
    Neil K.
    Mid-Hudson Regional Information Center
  • This (RSS Reporter) is a very good mashup of traditional sql server management and leading-edge information access!
    Robert H.
    U.S. Xpress Enterprises
  • ...It also features the best (and simplest) way to move objects and data via sql script I’ve ever seen. I’m hooked.
    Steve F.
    Creative Plumbing, GA
  • Been using the comparison bundle for a couple of years. Love the product!
    Spike H.
    University of West Florida
  • Love the comparison bundle. We recommend it to all our clients.
    Scott S.
  • Really good product! A "must have"!
    Stephane N.
    i-NovaSoft Concept inc.
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