xSQL Object Search

xSQL Object Search is a free SQL search tool that provides for locating database objects by checking their names and/or definition against a search criteria. Supports all SQL Server versions, from 2005 to 2016.


  • Search for objects in one or mutiple databases
  • Supports all types of database objects
  • Search the object's name and/or definition
  • Provides a range of search options
  • Export search results to csv files


xSQL Object Search runs on Windows operating systems, client and server, that have the .NET framework 4.0, client profile, installed.

Version Information

    Major Version
  • Version Number: 2.0
  • Release Date: October 03, 2008
    Current Version
  • Version Number: 2.5
  • Release Date: September 13, 2016


Search on one or all databases: choose to find the objects that meet the search criteria on one database or on all databases in the selected SQL Server.

Support all types of database objects: from tables and views to CLR objects and Xml Schema Collections, you can search all database object types.

Search the name or the definition: choose to search on the name of the objects, the T-SQL statement definition of the objects or on both.

A range of search options: 

  • Exact: Searches for objects whose name or definition is exactly the same as the search text.
  • Starts With: Locates objects whose name or definition starts with the specified search text.
  • Ends With: Locates objects whose name or definition ends with the specified search text.
  • Contains: Locates objects whose name or definition contains the specified search text.
  • SQL Server Expression: Locates objects based a SQL Server expression. Any SQL Server functions and operators that can be used in the "where clause" of a query can participate in the SQL Server Expression criteria.
  • Regular Expression: Locates objects whose name or definition meets a regular expression pattern.

View object definition: view the T-SQL statement that defines the object with a click of a button.

Export search results: easily export the result of the search to a comma-separated-value file.

Simple and intuitive interface: a very simple interface allows you to finish your task with very few clicks. Asynchronous operations provides for a smooth search with status messages and counts.

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